Revitalizing Sustainable Practices: The Harvester’s Support Grant Program

We are excited to announce the Harvester’s Support Grant Program, a 3-year initiative in partnership with ISC.

With the aim to strengthen community traditions by supporting Indigenous Harvesters in their traditional hunting, fishing, and harvesting activities. The HSGP targets 18 eligible First Nation communities under the Nutrition North Program, prioritizing those with the greatest needs. It focuses on increasing local harvesters, promoting community-led activities, and supporting the use of traditional foods. The program consists of three components: enhancing food sharing, expanding community hunts and harvests, and providing training and employment opportunities. Funding for individual harvesters will be determined by the local Hunters/Trappers Committee in collaboration with Band Councils and the BEDO.

Transparency measures, including a social media site, will be implemented, and a dispute mechanism will be in place. The HSGP will complement existing community programs and initiatives, fostering collaboration for greater impact.

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