Learning the Trade: Updates on our Plumbing Training Program

SLAAMB’s 4 week intensive program welcomed 2 cohorts of participants to Thunder Bay, ON.

Through our training program, trainees gain in-depth knowledge about various aspects of the trade including accurate measurement techniques, basic mathematics, information on standard pipe data and specifications and fitting requirements, hand tool operation, copper pipe installation, valve installation, pipe threading, insights into ABS projects, invoicing procedures, ordering materials, and project execution, as well as safety measures for ensuring a secure working environment. Additionally, given the importance of winterizing techniques in our Northern environment with harsh winter climates, our program emphasizes this aspect of plumbing.

Trainees learn effective strategies to prevent frozen water pipes and thermal installation for extreme weather conditions. Trainees also acquire important knowledge about crawl space safety, handling mold-contaminated areas, and implementing mould prevention measures. Upon successful completion of our program, trainees are awarded a certificate of recognition. To further support their professional journey, each graduate also receives a set of tools necessary for their future plumbing work. We are proud to report that our recent Plumbing Training sessions have been highly successful. In the first session, held from October 7th to November 4th, 2022, in Thunder Bay, ON, all ten trainees successfully completed the four-and-a-half-week program, showcasing their dedication and commitment. In the second session, held from February 20th to March 17th, 2023, eight participants successfully finished the program and received their well-deserved certificates. We express our sincere gratitude to Lucas Szwajda, U.A. Local 628 Business Agent/ Training Director, and Instructor Dennis Richard Tymura for their invaluable contributions to the program. Their expertise and dedication have played a significant role in delivering a comprehensive curriculum tailored to the unique challenges of our Northern environment. Our training program goes beyond the technical aspects of plumbing. At SLAAMB, we remain committed to providing excellent plumbing training. We are dedicated to equipping our participants with the skills necessary for success in the industry. Focusing on both technical expertise and environmental considerations, our trainees excel to make positive impacts in their communities!

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