Aboriginal Trades & Employment Symposium Information

Aboriginal Trades & Employment Symposium:

"A Positive and Inclusive Pathway to a Brighter Future"


Over the last number of years, various forestry and mining companies have signed MOUs and/or IBAs with a First Nation community or group of First Nation communities to harvest natural resources within their traditional lands. The IBAs usually state, the company will employ a certain number of the community members but with limited success.

We believe that most Aboriginal people do not know about the employment opportunities within the mining and forestry sectors and the various trades. Also, we believe there are a number of aboriginal people who are interested in gaining employment within these sectors but do not have their Grade 12 with good Math and English skills. We also are finding some misunderstandings about the trade unions that we would like to resolve.


The Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Management Board (SLAAMB) along with the Northern Ontario Steering Committee (members-5 ASETAs, 3 union reps, 3 building contractor reps, OPG rep and MTCU & Service Canada reps as advisors)  wants to hold an symposium  on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 in Dryden, Ontario and Thursday, September 20, 2012  in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The purpose of the symposium is to invite aboriginal people (First Nations, Metis, and Inuit) living in Northern Ontario to learn more about the employment opportunities within the mining sector, trades, apprenticeship and forestry. We would present information about what it takes to enter these fields and why grade 12 math and English are essential. We plan to invite spokespersons from Cliffs Natural Resources, Trade Unions, Treasury Metals, Ministry of Training Colleges, and Universities, Training Institutions, and have a noon hour guest speaker.  We would like to invite two youth representatives from local First Nations (approximately 65 communities, most are remote)  Local Metis groups and off-reserve aboriginal people. Over the next three to five years it is estimated that the mine will be set up in the Ring of Fire area, one possible mine in the Dryden  and Atikokan areas. Also, there may be some First Nation groups looking to develop Forestry projects within their traditional territories.



A)     Participants will understand why it's important to obtain their Grade 12 with good Math and English skills. Also, the reasons for a well prepared resume.

B)      Participants will understand the trade unions and how to get into them to obtain employment.

C)      Participants will get better understanding about the employment opportunities within the mining and energy sectors also the various trades. 

D)     Participants will get a better understand of apprenticeship and how it works .Participants who have completed their grade 12 with math and English  could be offered employment on the spot if she/he has a resume with high school transcripts.  

** Employers consistently emphasize the importance of Essential Skills, particularly things like numeracy, literacy, reliability, adaptability and teamwork. If you have those abilities, they can teach you the technical things."